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At Gulf Coast Auto Glass of Bradenton, your safety is of the highest importance to our team. We also understand that getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible is essential to you. This is why we go the extra mile to make it convenient to get the job done correctly in the shortest time possible. We explain to every one of our customers the proper time before the adhesive is fully set and the vehicle is safe to drive. This is called Safe Drive Away Time.

The average driver spends so many hours on the road that getting an occasional nick or scratch on the windshield is inevitable. However, minor scratches can become large cracks in the blink of an eye. Besides being unattractive, damaged glass is unsafe.

3 Critical Ways Your Windshield Protects You

Your vehicle’s windshield is more than a barrier from nature’s harsh elements. It’s an essential part of your vehicle’s structural integrity, serving as a safety component for you and your family in three critical ways:

  1. The windshield helps prevent cabin crushing in rollover accidents.
  2. As part of your vehicle’s safety restraint system, the windshield ensures that airbags and seatbelts operate effectively.
  3. Windshields prevent occupants from being ejected from the vehicle in accidents.

You May Qualify for Free Windshield Replacement

Gulf Coast Auto Glass serve teck applying caulking on a car windshield replacement

Broken windshields are typically covered under the comprehensive coverage portion of a car insurance policy. Some states allow for the standard deductible to be waived for windshield replacements. Florida is one of these states; according to FL statute 627.7288, the deductible shall not apply to windshield damages.

Gulf Coast Auto Glass Service works closely with America’s major insurance companies so that we can take care of your insurance claim. If you prefer to pay out-of-pocket or don’t have comprehensive coverage, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,  cash, and personal checks. 

Windshield Repair

Fix windshield chips before they become windshield cracks. While a small rock chip may seem minor, it’s a weak spot in your windshield. A bump in the road, a door slammed too hard, or expanding moisture can cause that chip to spread into a dangerous crack at the worst possible moment. Only the laminated glass of windshields can be repaired. The side and rear windows are tempered glass and will need to be replaced if damaged.

Chip that can be repaired on a car windshield

Side or Back Glass Replacement

Rear sliding window repair on a truck

While we can’t repair the tempered side and rear auto glass, we can replace it. This is a relatively quick process like windshield replacement, and we will have you back on the road in no time. You can have it done at the shop, or we can come to you with our mobile service. 

Replacing a shattered side, back, or quarter panel window is as important as replacing the windshield. Once shattered, the glass loses integrity and can not protect the passengers from debris and other hazards or protect your valuables from theft. A shattered window also can limit your visibility, making driving a higher risk.

Power Window Motor and Regulator Repair

The convenience of power windows is something we take for granted until they don’t work. They may get stuck in the up position, but it is often part of the way up, or they detach from the regulator, and the glass falls in the door. 

When you have glass all the way or part of the way down, you need to get it fixed quickly to avoid water damage and to secure your car and belongings properly.

The experts at Gulf Coast Auto Glass Service are experienced with replacing motors and regulators of all power glass in all makes and models. 

power window repair by Gulf Coast Auto Glass

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